Don’t Date Solely with Your Head or Your Heart

When it comes to relationships, they say to let your heart lead. However, then you see these memes about the heart getting you into trouble. Really, what are you supposed to do when it comes to love? Well, a balance of rationalism and emotions is prudent in the game of love.

A person who only leads with the heart will ignore the red flags. For example, if they see that the partner is always yelling and has a temper, this is a huge red flag. This mask will slip even further after marriage. Imagine how your children will respond to a mother or father who is always yelling? What kind of impact will this have on their development?

You might too find you are on the other side of the coin. You feel pressured to date someone who might logically fit. They might want a relationship with you and even be willing to commit to marriage. However, you have no feelings for the person. This person is just someone who is there and pressuring you into a commitment. This type of partnership will only lead to resentment on your part later if the feelings don’t develop. You could also be missing out on the excitement of a date that gives you butterflies for the rest of your life.

In London, there are so many people that you can date. You really have your pick of all types of personalities, looks, and people in various professions. It would be a good investment for you to think about what you want. You should be able to have it all- the partner who gives you butterflies and is a logically good pick.

When they say don’t settle, you really shouldn’t. Too many people are trapped in loveless or abusive partnerships because they went all heart or all head. Don’t let anyone convince you just to use pure logic or just pure emotion when making a romantic pick.