My three-day business trip to London

About three weeks ago, I went for a three-day business trip to London. Since I was alone, I decided to look for someone to keep me company during my three days of stay in this great city. First, I tried dating sites but I did not find someone who impressed me. As I was talking to one of my friends, he advised me to try an escort service. I saw it as a brilliant idea and so I decided to give it a try.

There are many escort services in London and since I was new to this city, finding the right escort service was quite challenging. I was very specific on the type of escort I wanted to hang out with and the majority of London escort services that come across did not have what I was looking for. But I did not give up, I knew sooner or later I will find an escort service that offers what I looking for and truly I later found one that gave me exactly what I was looking for.

Of course, you may wonder why I decided to use a professional London escort service named Cleopatra Escorts London instead of picking a lady from across the street. The reason why I decided to use a professional London escort service is that all escorts have been vetted. This is important to me because I did not want to hook up with an escort that I don’t trust. Additionally, a professional escort service also provides many options and all their escorts are very beautiful, intelligent, friendly, and very professional.

I love beautiful curvy ladies (not too slender or too thick). As I was doing my research I came across this website and I was impressed with their professionalism and the wide range of beautiful escorts they had on their website. I like also liked the fact that all escorts have a profile. This made it easy for me to find an escort who suits my taste. I had a one on one video chat just to verify that the person on the picture is the person I will meet. We agree on the time to meet and I was impressed that the escort came to my hotel on time as we had agreed.

I had booked her four 5 hours. I wanted someone to hang around with and also show me around this beautiful city during my short stay. The escort not only amazed me with her beauty but her intelligence and sense of humor were away above the top.

She was very friendly and easy to talk to. Within no time I felt comfortable being around her. We had a great time together. I had booked her for five hours but decided to extend it to two days because she impressed me. Besides being highly professional, she was also very caring and understanding. There was not time that I felt uncomfortable or bored being around her.

She even accompanied me to one of my business meetings and corporate dinner and she stood out by how she carried herself. Everything about her was perfect, from her dressing to the way she talked. The escort was beautiful, smart, and sharp.

Born and raised in London, she knew nearly all corners of this beautiful city and took me to breathtaking sites that I did not even know they existed. She also knew the best time to visit various attraction sites when they were less crowded.

I had a great experience with the escort that I met. In fact, if I had more time in London, I could have extended my stay with her. She was an amazing person who made me feel special, loved, and cared for. I cannot wait for my next visit to this great city.

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